Sam Ross

Hi, I’m Sam! I’m an engineer, spaceflight engineering enthusiast and all-round nerd. I spend most of my time working on things related (however tangentially) to the future of space exploration. Feel free to send an email to smross106 at gmail dot com.


I spent four years at Cambridge University Spaceflight in a number of roles – ground support systems engineering, propulsion engineering lead, head of society recruitment and eventually society Chief Engineer. I worked with a hugely talented team of 50 undergraduates from various STEM degrees working towards the development, manfacture and test of our 30kN engine. This will (fingers crossed!) propel the Griffin sounding rocket above the Karman line by 2025.


Since 2020 I’ve been a keystone member of the Nexus Aurora citizen science community. I was one of the principal authors of our report on a Martian City State, opened our presentation at the 2020 Mars Convention and generally contributed to our first-place placement in the Mars’ Society’s excellent competition of the same theme.

Since then I’ve worked on a number of projects in the community including thermal and structural analysis of modular space stations. I work across a huge range of topics within Nexus Aurora including robotics, analog space missions, thermal and CFD modelling and systems engineering.

Outside of Nexus Aurora, I serve as the R&D Engineering Lead of the Mars Society UK group, working on high-fidelity spacesuit life support systems, and as webmaster of the Community of Human Analog Space Missions.


In 2023 I graduated with a Masters degree in Aerospace and Aerothermal Engineering from the University of Cambridge. I’ve been lucky enough to study a wide range of technical areas – from mechanical devices to material science to jet engine design to control theory. The degree has also included a wide range of practical labs and design-and-build projects with varying degrees of success.

Starting from 2021 I’ve specialised in a narrower selection of modules generally focused on aeronautical engineering but dipping into other areas of interest (nuclear engineering, sustainable and creative design, mechanical and mechatronic engineering). 


I’ve done work experience and internships at a range of companies, of various types

  • Ocado Technology – returning in 2023 as a Hardware Engineering graduate
  • TTP – 2021 summer intern in Medical Devices unit
  • Ocado Technology – 2020 summer intern in 10X advanced concepts team, working on concepts for future robotic systems
  • Inmarsat – 2018 summer work experience scheme
  • Hilson Moran – 2018 summer work experience working on HVAC system design
  • WSP – 2018 summer work experience in transport planning division